Situation Update (Release 0.2 and 0.3)

Errors errors and more errors. This has been ongoing for a long time now, which each update to the webmaker-profile github repository I receive an error when trying to perform npm install. I honestly don’t know what to do at this point, nothing seems to work properly. Changing the package.json bower install and changing it back to what it was originally seemed to be able to bypass errors when running it, no idea if everything is installed correctly or not though. 

grunt-cli installed fine and the same goes for bower. 


webmaker-profile-service error time. After running npm install a few times it’s now saying unmet dependency. Assuming it works since it’s just warnings and no errors were given on the 2nd npm install run.

Running app.js, got the following error: throw new Error(“webmaker-loginapi error: URI was not passed into function

No idea what this means, will investigate into it, but doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to work on any bugs before the end of the semester, how am I supposed to fix bugs for Mozilla if I can’t even fix the ones for myself? 


All in all, a very interesting course nonetheless, if only I can get things to work I’m sure it’ll be a great experience, but having 7 other courses alongside this is way too hard to manage. With labs and assignments and tests, there’s always something to do every week for every course, leaving me little to no time on working with Webmaker. Well, at least I gave it a shot, time to be held back another semester, hopefully get some load off my schedule.


Release 0.1

Well. I gave it a shot. I wasn’t able to get in contact with gvn though, been busy trying to get everything working on Windows. As shown in my other blog post here:

Got the webmaker-suite working, but can’t seem to run app.js on webmaker-profile-service. Something’s wrong with environment variable. Will ask cade or jbuck regarding it.

20:16 humph so that error means url wasn’t defined
20:16 humph are you missing an environment variable?
20:16 humph likekly in an .env file
20:16 humph ask cade or jbuck tomorrow

Haven’t started with bug fixes yet for webmaker-profile, but I did change a line of code in the package.json in order for my Windows to run npm install correctly. I guess it’s better than nothing. The commit for this is at the following page:

It says btp400-10 is the author, I guess my git bash still uses that account as default. Something related to the key I think, not too sure about it, but that’s me, the first GitHub account I created for the course BTP400, the -10 means I was group 10 if I remember correctly. I’ll try to get this sorted out so it will say tqyu as author instead.

So far, it has been a good experience. Chatting with people on IRC and asking for help, definitely very helpful. I wouldn’t know where I’d be without them. Although I’m the type of person who likes figuring out everything by myself and not ask questions, since Open Source is a brand new topic to me and I have almost zero knowledge regarding it, seeking help from professionals wouldn’t hurt now would it.

Well, this is all I have as of now, after I get everything working properly, the fun can finally begin, but hey, nothing can be achieved without struggling, just need to get past this part right?

IRC and the Beginning of Open Source

Finally started working on this, looks like I’m late to the party. Got on the webmaker channel on Mibbit, everyone appears to be idle, can’t tell if I followed the instructions right or not. Time to progress onto webmaker suite.

Edit 1: A lot of issues with webmaker suite on Windows. Took awhile to get most of the issues fixed.

Edit 2: Trying to work on Webmaker-profile. Npm install gave the following error:

  1. $ npm install
  2. npm WARN package.json webmaker-profile@0.1.2 No repository field.
  4. > webmaker-profile@0.1.2 postinstall c:\Users\ShAdOW\webmaker-profile
  5. > ./node_modules/.bin/bower install
  7. ‘.’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
  8. operable program or batch file.
  9. npm ERR! weird error 1
  10. npm ERR! not ok code 0

Apparently running ./node_modules/.bin/bower install separately outside the script works fine. Fixed this by replacing the postinstall in package.json with this: “postinstall”: “bower install”.

Edit 3: A syscall: ‘spawn’ error for elasticsearch when node run is executed in webmaker-suite, time to figure out the solution.

Edit 4: Fixed issue, the folder was named elastisearch instead of elasticsearch. Changed name + edited the JAVA_HOME environment variable to point to C:\java from the mklink. Needed to restart terminal in order for changes to take effect.

Open Source Project Interests

Webmaker/status page

  Being able to track response time is very interesting to me. Especially when my tenants download constantly. Having the ability of how to check response time and produce a graph of it can be very useful at times. I’m secretly hoping this would provide me with enough knowledge to track my own internet’s response time so I know the peak times of when my tenants uses the net extensively.

Make Editor Improvements

  Having used Notepad++ for all my years at Seneca opened my eyes on seeing the power and ability of an editor. All the different functionalities it can provide is certainly intriguing. Being able to be a part of a team to make this editor and use it for myself in the future seems mutual beneficial, so why not.

Closed and Open License/EULA

A lot of surprises came up while reading the licenses, a few will be listed here.

1. MIT grants free permission to anyone who have obtained a copy of the software to sell copies of it, as long as the software is provided as it was in the original form.

2. Skype disallows the use of the software on an account that does not belong to the user. Such as account of a friend or family member. Although it is disallowed but there’s no way to tell whether or not a person is using his/her own account.

3. Skype doesn’t support emergency calls of any sort and is not to be treated as a replacement for telephones and mobiles. This is interesting to me because if a person is talking on Skype and ran into an emergency with no easy access to a phone or mobile, naturally he/she would make a call on Skype.